Construction, Infrastructure & Industrial Services

Be the challenger in a rapidly changing disruptive market.

Margins are under pressure and competition is intensifying in the construction, infrastructure and industrial services industry. Large, long-term one-off projects need to be delivered on time and on budget, whilst this industry is dealing with skills shortage and low productivity. Efficiently managing new projects by adopting data-driven, integrated processes and systems is key to become one of the winners in the future.

Shipbuilding & Maritime

The race for the digital shipyard.

In order to drive digital benefits across your shipbuilding operation, you need more than product lifecycle management (PLM) or 3D design software. You need ERP that truly encompasses the key phases where you deliver value to your customers. This is challenging because of the project-centric nature of shipbuilding and some of the unique steps in your value chain, which includes:

  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Outfitting
  • Sea trial
  • Maintenance


Project ERP software is really enterprise resource planning (ERP) for project management-related environments like engineer-to-order manufacturing, construction and engineering. Whether you call it a project-based solution (PBS) or Enterprise Project Management software, IFS Applications is far and away the best enterprise application for complex project environments.

Project ERP is more than ERP, more than project portfolio management. It is really an enterprise software solution built not around predictable processes like repetitive manufacturing, but rather one-off projects like engineering construction and fabrication, prototyping and services.


Enterprise asset management (EAM) needs to be more than a glorified computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). It needs to accommodate asset lifecycle management (ALM). And that is what IFS delivers. IFS got its start as an EAM vendor, so all of the functionality that comprises IFS Applications, including document management, risk management, finance, inventory, contract management and more can be part of your EAM environment in IFS Applications. Implement simple work orders and maintenance inventory, or a full suite of functionality designed to support cradle-to-grave ALM for asset intensive-companies.


IFS Service Management is a full-service lifecycle management solution for every service provider. Whether you are providing service in the field, in a plant, at a customer’s home or office, in a depot environment, on linear or other capital assets, or anywhere else, IFS Service Management has a solution for you.