Project-based companies often have to use separate software products at different stages of the project, such as tendering, bidding, estimation, engineering, procurement, production, planning, cost control, construction, installation and commissioning, to manage complex project lifecycles. Our IFS Project-Based Industry-specific solution combines all the complex processes of the industry in a single integrated product, pulling all data related to real-time actions directly into the relevant project plan. This provides real-time control and visibility over costs, cash receipts, time, resources and risks. Project-based industries such as Construction companies, Engineering and Contracting companies and Shipyards;

  1. Contract Management
  2. Project Planning
  3. Site Management and Reporting
  4. Project Breakdown in All Processes
  5. Budget
  6. Finance
  7. Accounting
  8. Buy
  9. Stock management
  10. Variable Human Resources Management

We offer a comprehensive, easy-to-use, end-to-end integrated solution for complex and difficult processes.

IFS offers a project-centric, expert integrated solution that manages the entire lifecycle and phases of a project. -Contract Project Proposal (Business development, CRM, Estimation) -Contract-to-payment processes (Contract Management, Variation Order Management, Payment Applications, Milestone Invoicing and Reimbursement Invoicing) -Construction Site Management and Reporting -Engineering and Design (PDM, BIM and CAD Integration, Document Control, Time and Progress Tracking) Production (Including Offsite and Modular Support) -Construction and Installation (Work Packages, Subcontract Management, Equipment Rental) -Project Planning (Gantt, Ms Project and Primavera Integration) -Project Management (Progress and Earned Value, Project Cost Estimation, Resource Planning) Risk and Opportunity -Supports Digital Asset Lifecycle processes (BIM, Robotics, Digital Twins, IoT, AI) It also offers features inherent in IFS Applications such as Human Resources, Quality, Health and Safety, Finance. IFS Applications is a project-oriented, integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that solves all your end-to-end needs with a single product and can be easily adapted to your needs thanks to its flexible architecture.
IFS provides an integrated enterprise business applications solution for Construction, Contracting or Industrial Services contractors around the world for industries as diverse as Construction, Infrastructure, Transportation, Defense, Oil & Gas, Energy and Utilities. The IFS solution includes industry-specific solutions such as Sales and Subcontract Management, Contract Change Management (Variations), Equipment Leasing, and Project Financial Forecasting. It also provides a solid foundation to support Digital Asset Lifecycle processes (BIM, IoT, AI, Drones, etc.). It also enables trends such as Modular and Off-Site Manufacturing to be managed as part of the solution.
IFS provides integrated enterprise business applications solutions for engineering and contracting companies around the world in a variety of sectors such as infrastructure and logistics, defence, shipyards, oil and gas, energy and utilities. Thanks to the Project Cost Estimation module that is fully integrated into the solution, you can accurately control what the project result will be. In addition, management of contract changes (variations), which is one of the important processes specific to the sector, is also included in our solution.
IFS provides an integrated enterprise business applications solution for design-to-order (ETO) manufacturing companies around the world from a variety of industries, including defense, oil and gas, high technology, modular construction and heavy equipment manufacturers. Design to production order (ETO), whose needs and dynamics are very different from classical production methods, is one of the areas in which IFS specializes. Unlike software that uses classic design-to-production order (ETO), the IFS Application can integrate with all the company's processes and combine them into a single master project plan. With our solution, you can work with a single, centralized end-to-end project plan that monitors and adapts to the changing project requirements of the entire company. In this way, the plan evolves as the project develops, and ultimately you can follow and report the entire process from a single center.