IFS Enterprise Service Management provides service organizations with complete end-to-end management, reducing overall spend with multiple vendors and delivering unrivaled efficiency and automation with a fully integrated solution that addresses all aspects of the service chain from the back end. Our robust service management product simplifies your processes while providing asset-focused businesses with a complete service solution. IFS customer reports;

-10% improvement of asset update

-Client SLAs seen 95%+

-100% completion rate of all planned maintenance.

Using AI and a set of advanced algorithms, the IFS dynamic timing engine solves extremely large timing problems with multiple complicators in seconds. The system continuously analyzes real-time data, taking into account numerous parameters such as workplace location, traffic, technician availability and skills, parts and tools they carry, interlinked tasks, SLAs, and the associated value of each job.

The system balances competitive priorities. It looks ahead for opportunities to consolidate jobs and blend planned maintenance activities. Evaluating thousands of alternatives in seconds, the engine frees your staff to manage essential exceptions and determines an optimized plan.

The engine is completely dynamic. It allows it to react to daily changes such as new urgent jobs, overtime hours or traffic delays, real-time recalculations and continuous updating of the schedule.

The system constantly displays what has been completed and evaluates progress. If it finds a scheduling with a better service margin, the system will replace the unprocessed part of the plan, re-update the jobs with a timely decision-making approach.
– 10% improvement of asset update
-95%+ seen Customer SLAs
-100% completion rate of all scheduled maintenance.