ERP for High-Tech and Discrete Manufacturing Industries

As IFS, we guide companies in their Digital Transformation / Smart Factory journeys with our long years of experience and knowledge in Discrete Manufacturing; we develop innovative solutions to make them more agile, more efficient, more profitable and above all sustainable. IFS is recognized by independent organizations as a leading, customer-centric Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) supplier in Discrete Manufacturing.

Our IFS Discrete Manufacturing ERP solution:

  1. Industrial manufacturing companies
  2. High technology manufacturers.

It offers solutions that create value for you. By offering best-in-class ERP solutions for discrete production with our high technology and industrial production experts, we develop innovative solutions not only for today’s needs but also for your future needs.

Process Production

The IFS Applications Process Manufacturing solution supports a large number of production models such as any kind of line production, repetitive production or mixed process that your company may need, production to stock, production to order and mixed mode production for batches.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning ERP solution specifically designed for Process Manufacturing offers features already inherent in IFS Applications such as formulation and recipe management, batch balancing and multiple units of measure (MUoM), as well as features such as full forward/backward traceability and genealogy tracking. IFS Applications is an integrated Process Manufacturing solution that solves all your end-to-end needs with a single product and can be easily adapted to your needs thanks to its flexible architecture.

Defense Industry Manufacturers

IFS Applications offers a best-in-class Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for aerospace and defense industry manufacturing. IFS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) supports the entire product lifecycle management (PLM), from design to complex manufacturing projects and after sales support. In addition, it offers advanced features specific to the Defense and Aviation sector, such as export control. Since defense industry production programs can last for decades, it is very important to satisfy and not lose the customer.

That’s why IFS Applications’ product lifecycle approach goes beyond PLM to include customers, products and assets. This way, you can decide more quickly which markets to serve, when to enter and which products to develop.